Pneuminous Calendar

The Pneuminous calendar is a simple ontological twist involving the reaccretion of the year. It follows the old year to some extent but re divides the year into 16 ‘teeth’, each 22 days in length.

Each day in turn is named by connecting lines in a pseudo-kabbalistic structure.

Various holidays pepper the year, these are lined up with the various solstices and equinoxes more accurately than the other calendar.

It’s year structure begins in what would conventionally be called 1947. This would be year 1. Which makes the current year 70.

The ‘Teeth’ are:

1) Plan
2) Who
3) See
4) Towards
5) Strive
6) Fix
7) Serve
8) Wait
9) Find
10) When
11) Devote
12) Shelve
13) Free
14) Foresee
15) Hide
16) Seek

Current Documents are thus. 2.3 contains details of attributions (pneuma accreted to the structure).




People are welcome to contribute to aspects of the calendar.


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