The Book of Numbers 3: On the Emerging Nature of the Hyperqabalah

The original intention of the hyperqabalah was to form a shape that in some sense matched the necessity of the Gra-tree of life qabalah construction. Whilst of course there is no necessity even to such a structure, there is at least the easy suggestion of one. That is, the circuit 2-3-5-9-8-6-2 easily can be laid in two columns, one of 2 5 8 and the other 3 6 9, this leaves an easily inserted middle column of 1 4 7 10 to create the tree.

It was hoped that the unveiling the base 23 circuit would suggest a similar pattern however no such obvious shape shows itself. This issue was forced with the creation of this figure:

This figure can work with the lengthier base 23 circuit and retain numerical order in relation to spatial position however its structure is far less suggested than that of the regular Gra-tree in base 10. Owing to this lack of necessity it was deemed that whilst an interesting instantiation of the Hyperqabalah it could not be the Hyperqabalah itself.

The Hyperqabalah itself in acknowledging of this lack of necessity now takes on a much more virtual aspect. This means the necessity of it can only be perceived in those paths which are genuinely necessary for its existence at all. These are the paths of the circuit d f j s l w u p h n d and the feeder numbers that accompany each one of these. The below diagram shows these feeders as each one plugs into the circuit.

This means that the only actual necessary amount of paths in the Hyperqabalah is 20. In a sense this is not true though since there are two nodes missing (a and m). So unless we wish to say that no path connects to these nodes (which we do not) then there will be at least 22 paths (if we wish them all to join together). Now 22 is course the number of paths in the original Gra-tree. So the essence of the Hyperkab in this sense is just the circuit, the feeders and the two master nodes. If the tree were this minimal though how would we decide to which nodes the master nodes plugged in? Already the suggestion appears that the master nodes may plug into each of the other nodes simultaneously. This notion has a kind of level of suggestive necessity. We may find there are more such levels, however what seems eminently clear is that we have a much greater sense of virtual paths that may be instantiated after the original 20. It is only 20 since any connection to the master nodes is at the level of suggestive necessity and not mathematical necessity.

What we will need next is the total list of virtual paths…

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