Acceleration and Time -Mina Baek

The CEO is proud to host this fascinating paper by Mina Baek on Accelerationism, Reza Negarestani’s ‘Intelligence and Spirit’ and Blaccelerationism.


“Accelerationism comes from the Marxist idea that communism comes after capitalism, and therefore, to get to communism, we have to accelerate the logics of capitalism. Rather than resisting corporate exploitation with robust unions, maybe we should implicate ourselves in corporate takeover of the world. Rather than feeling guilty about being trashy consumers, maybe we should get out there and enjoy commodity fetishism. Accelerationism is a seductive idea. It says: it’s okay to lay down the hermeneutics of suspicion, the nagging doubt that capitalism is out to get ya, to screw you over. It’s all part of the plan. Just hang on tight, accelerate the process, and we’ll be in communist utopia in no time. Never mind the question whether Marx was right; never mind the debate that well, Marx didn’t quite mean that communism will just naturally happen to us inevitably; never minding those, nevertheless immediately one might worry: capitalism is racist. If we ought accelerate the logics of capitalism, doesn’t this entail that we ought accelerate racism? But surely one would have to be an evil racist to believe that.”

Read the paper here.

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