Accretive Nodes of the Hyperqabalah 12

m 12 Ethics

Ethics is the concern of the transcendental appearance of right and wrong. As a nodal accretion Ethics is interesting. Ethics in philosophy tends to be the dominant term for the whole field of moral study. At a more societal level however ethics tends to be the code of conduct for regional areas whereas morality tends to be viewed as the more fluid personal code. In philosophy though it is morality that is often thought of as the wider code that ethics supplies the meta level to. The ethical is a transcendental appearance, this though in no way determines the content of the ethical in its particular decisions (morality). In Deleuzo-Guattarian terms ethics has a molar structure as a ‘real’ area that itself studies the determination of a second molarity: morality -in the sense of a wider code e.g. Christian morality. Likewise both of these structures have bleeding molecular edges.

The molecular edge of morality is ethics, as it is ethics that questions the correctness of the morality just engages with it in a motion that perpetually threatens to destabilize it. The molecular edge of ethics is the sceptical reflection upon the ethical itself. Because the ethics-morality dualism is often identified as a condition of the human itself, the edge of the ethical (the system that preys upon morality) is both the nihilistic threat that moves beyond the human and Nietzschean style attempts to move beyond it in a grammar not yet fully formed -for which to use the term ‘more positive’ is insufficient.

Ethics is one of the three central nodes of the hyperqabalah (along with Advent (a) and Umbra (0).

Other connected accretions are: Hebrew: Lamed, Tarot: Adjustment, Mice, Rabbits, Bramble, Rose, Meadowsweet, Maat, Manganese, Phenylanine, Momentum (physics).

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