Bliss 1: An Interview Concerning Sorcery.

This transcript is of a conversation between the CEO’s Balthazar Schlep and Lis who has been experimenting with various sorcery techniques. We do not recommend emulating Lis’ experiments at home.

Lis is italicised to differentiate the voices.

CC is Carlos Castaneda. DJ is Don Juan.

This isn’t ground breaking but I think CC is kind of like on the phenomenological path but in a more ridiculous way; it’s like the epoche but then you don’t return to the world to constitute it. The procedures of stopping the world etc. seem like something the preliminary of which is the attempt to perceive the vector field or hyle as Husserl would have it. But phenomenology is interested in reconstituting the world at the pneuminous level of concepts, so this raises the question, accepting that pneuma always was a phenomenological tool, when you dip below the vector field into the weird shit where are you? Phenomena like the green fog in the water, still take classification in the sense that there is still a vector field which we can break into regions and call it things, bubbles, fog etc. So I guess it is still necessarily pneuminous, but there seem to be states that try to be described where thinking has genuinely stopped so conceptualisation is only a posterior event that happens in recollection, there is still awareness going on but could that be called pneuma? Or maybe I just mean is it totally devoid of accretions?

To be sure, though the accretions facilitate magick at the level of synchronicity and spells, for the really freaky levels they seem to be an encumberance, they are the clag that weighs us down, and I think about Land’s phrase the ‘human security system’, and how this is very much the thing Don Juan is engaged in cracking. To this extent CC is not bullshit at all, it only turns on again if the actual reality weird stuff is real or not -and we both know it is to some extent, but I what mean is, real or not, practices like these rigorously applied would disable the titanically strong conceptual apparatus we have erected around ourselves?

But back to the other thing, I like this idea that what we call magick has this essentially different levels or even natures, accretive manipulation -the application of a concept/accretion to a vector region that wouldn’t usually take it (pretty standard spells stuff), and vistas of just other weird shit that doesn’t seem to have any evolutionary function and this seems to be the domain of sorcery, I think this is a bit what you mean by the transversal shaman? It’s a line of escape that is neither healer or killer, just a Cooperesque (in Fire Walk With Me) ‘I’m going over here’

Before reading the art of dreaming I’m conducting some experiments to know how much they match the book’s. And I think I’ve just unlocked the eye thing (before seeing this). It is very similar to controlling each eye separately. It seems to synergize better in a room, and have some command over people. I mean by the eye thing = the left eye of the sorcerer. Remember that? The left eye changes somewhere along the path of sorcery. And I was going deeper into that, looking for some research on this and found that link*. Have you read it?

It startled me because it describes very well the process of guiding a group through a trip

It all seemed like my own way of getting comfortable, but I guess there are precedents for these being “magical passes”, something universal in the sense that taking these plants and synthetics will have an expected outcome

Yeah the phosphene thing, it was really interesting, interestingly I was just talking to a psychology Phd about this stuff, i mentioned the purple puffs that the reddit cc people see. She was interested because she says when they do transcranial stimulation on people (including herself) when they get passed induced phosphenes people often see purple puffs.

When I talked about achieving the eye, I meant that somewhere during the second night my left eye started behaving in a different manner than my right eye, and I started to use it unconsciously to slightly hypnotize people.

So is the left eye right eye thing to do with the tonal nagual sides of the body thing?

You’re aware I have some synaesthesia?

Yes, have you seen the purple puffs, if so can you touch them?

Here’s the biggest thing I’ve noticed regarding the puffs. Exactly, you anticipated me I can now touch it/them. Whereas before, fully sober and before practice, I couldn’t

So if the reddit people were right you should start grabbing it and sticking it on yourself as a regular practice

The sensation is the same, it’s the intention that counts

Yeah,  they say that too.

I’m not acquainted with this procedure yet, but now I’m thinking this makes a whole lot of sense because the way I feel like touching them is with my left part, especially left hand and eye. It’s like they’re entering the pupil by what appears like a constantly forming flux of metallic gas,

Though the dark room gazing focus is too much, I think quite genuinely just like compassion bolsters the buddhist void, impeccability protects the organism from the incursions that the second attention produces. I suppose my comment also means, do be careful, I don’t think all hyperbolic warnings of DJ are nonsense. Clearly your first attention is partially cracked already but if you widen it too much too quickly, you are inviting fuck knows what to pop through.

Indeed, I wasn’t scared but I have been before. That’s why I’m taking some time off this. Before in my life I would just power through it. But as DJ says, each times requires more energy. This moving ball-tube of metallic thing seems to appear over my head if I’m outdoors. But indoors it depends

Maybe it’s an inorganic being. Certain of these are supposed to live in in an assemblage position close to ours and hence from dreaming etc we almost always come across them. These are the ones that Dan etc has. They teach, apparently but want you to hang around in the weird honeycomb world. They teach, your give energy.

Maybe that’s what the metallic thing is. It looks like a 5D bee-hive with an opening that is light itself and it had a pull. So maybe that’s what it is? I never felt like I entered it though. It’s more like a trade or conversation and the darkroom thing might be just a helper. I’ve seen the thing any time of the day and it actually can redirect the light into itself and make the day dark like night. Or the night radiate light like the sun is up. I will read the IOB stuff asap

Have you tried communicating with it?

Yes, the texture of the sound hits me like a bunch of little punches. Like the notes of an instrument on acid, they have a weight to it that can be felt on the skin where the opening is pointing. Mostly it feels like those weird massage techniques where someone taps you continually and fast.

That does sound weird, also highly reminiscent of the way cc describes the moth/ally talking. I’m sure it’s an iob. Not that I want to get all hysterical about that, I think as per the general magickal tradition and in the Art of Dreaming, you don’t belong to these things unless you agree to do so. The Art of Dreaming details how they will tend to teach and try to lure because they want human energy. This doesn’t kill humans at all, it’s just an exchange system. I think people Howard Lee (energy martial arts guy who taught CC some things) distanced themselves from CC because he was using spirits. Again it’s all there in the books really, DJ thinks CCs bent is more like the old sorcerers who did work with the allies a lot

I’ll read it (the Art of Dreaming). Let me guess something. DJ will tell CC that dreaming isn’t meant as simply dreaming (as in sleeping), by that one can dream awake and in other states of consciousness. Confirm? I want to compare how close my understanding of stalking is before entering the analogical definitions by DJ.


Because the eye thing and the black metallic thing are both something that happens in a type of space of lucid dreaming, while awake.

It’s really interesting, I see part of the eye thing is in Tales of Power. I guess playing with these things alters what we call its physicality, which I think is part of the really interesting aspect of all of this. That what we’ve got here is something that really is trying to remove the sense of ‘occult’, to remove the notion of a particular set of practices as such.


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