Bliss 4: An Interview Concerning Sorcery

“I can feel them like alien energy,
I place my intent towards them as if I were going there,
In a sense, they feel like nimbus energy somehow accumulated
In this way I can cast my attention to travel, almost astrally,
If I try this, I may fall to somnolence as if I wished to dream, to stalk…”

Seranoga (1964)

That time warping light being can also be to trying to read you.

It is 100% doing that

Indeed! Which is what I thought demons assumed as form in our “epoch”. This that I’m experiencing feels very close to summoning a high demon in Goetia. It feels like not trying to read me, but use me as camera to read everything else.  It’s the reciprocal thing. That’s why it feels like I’m feeding it and vice versa.

If it didn’t go away when you shut up shop, would that be a problem?

I’ve just noticed they the initial corner-bound thing could be a thing of my own creation. A barrier put there unconsciously like a net. I sit in a dark room (initially) and make my mind as negative (devoid of thought) as possible, like I’m both the bait and the hunter of these things

Which makes sense, beyond structural necessity, that architecture used corners and nowadays there is the problem of the corner (which capitalism seems to want over with).

Yes, I think this makes sense, any semiotic node is a possible exit/connecting line.

I doubt it will stick with me if I don’t want it to anymore.

I once read a lyric you remind me of ‘hidden claw of cornered sense, be well aware of false intent’. Seems strangely appropriate.

That’s a great one. Sounds like something from King Crimson. I just went for the figure of the spider that you hold to me, just now to better elaborate on the aspect of the lure and the corner

I’m sorry which spider?

Because it does feel like between two architectures here (one very oval-like and smooth, indigenous) and the other more in the western vein, better protected for a particular type of invader, jagged. That spider that appears a lot in poems and writings of Seranoga and some of your work. The corner thing though, it’s real. I tested it hehhahhahahaha.

Hang on though, is the house in dreaming or here?

But spreaded out, it went net-like in a way that did not permit me to interact with it very sorcery-like (doing things). It felt like an animal that solidified into an object, a tool for protection. Which made me thing if the architecture itself wasn’t made for the weaponization of these affects. But as protective feeders, a symbiosis.  So I went back to another common house with corners and did a trick:

I put a big jug full of crystal-clear water at the centre of the table at the centre of the room. Made everything dark but put a light under the jug. On the ceiling, then, many concentric circles formed but the projection did not touch the corners. With this, I was able to transport it from the corner into the circles. It coiled inside them like a snake and I could push it further into the centre if I wanted, or loosen it from the circles (as it filled them). My cousin which I was sharing it was the one to first catch what was happening once she looked up and saw a serpent-like thing. The houses are real but I can dream of them too, I just made the three of them darkrooms and experimented in altering the architecture while maintaining the same reciprocal thing with the manifestation (which by the way only appeared as manifest during these three sessions, and was seen by my cousin on the last one). That’s some news because it seems like I found a principle for the domination of space used by sorcerers. Could this be the origin of the protection circle? A space naturalized by you (so an intention-loaded place in a given pocket of space).

So you repeated the water thing in both houses?

The projection on the way former a circle of concentric circles yet the shadows formed something the made the edges feel more menacing. Yes, the oval one nothing happens because it just covers the entire house. Like the ceiling and walls till the feet but it can be restrained in the water light circles in the other. So it feels like the open

Did you try it with just a drawn circle on the floor?

And in the open, this thing only manifests as a looming gracious feeling. No, I used the projection and just after noticed how it was like a magickal circle.

I mean this is right on the border of the pneuminous/transcendent magickal rules thing. Does the water light thing work because it’s like a magick circle  (and accretive notiong) or do circles work because certain natural phenomena in the human realm facilitate that kind of trapping. I would be tempted to think the former.

I can say that at least in feeling it feels inherent to the forms themselves

Yes, but accretive structures are deep deep deep.

Not as a property of the circle, but a non-causal relational interaction between the concept of the circle and the conceptualizing thing (me and the IOB)

Some of them have been with us for tens of thousands of years. The circle seems to be one of the oldest of these “things”

Yeah, it does.

But again is it intrinsically protective, or does protection just get accreted to it, from the radiating glow of the primal fire? And the concentricity implied the movement of coiling if you’re a creature of certain body plan (i.e evolved on Earth).

On this I have two things ruminating. Either it is intrinsically protective or it became so because I was sharing power with the cousin. But even if it’s the latter case, it might just mean that it is latently protective and there needs to be something external that awakens this latency in the circle/spiral. I just lean more on this last point, that it’s a hybrid combo of an intrinsic protectiveness and an act of impeccability being able to boost this.

This ties to the zones thing I think, the architecture thing and the origin of protection circles (which might be a thesis for magick and sorcery sharing ancestrality or my favourite that sorcery is a later stage of magick, when corporal advantage is needed due to individual choice amplified by a type of land anarchy). Which would make something like the Inca all priests. While the people’s around them are the practitioners of the forbidden (sorcery is always forbidden in all bodies, even its own).

Sorry, if you told me but what does the gas metal thing do with the nodes?

No, I can’t move them. Just use them as points of access.  It’s me the one that moves

They remind me of the scouts in ‘The Art of Dreaming’ though they are not identical.

The gas metal is the same thing that goes over my head and appeared on the corner. It seems like a lens.

Yes it’s ok, I’m with that.

I haven’t arrived there yet in the book.

But does the gas metal thing interact with the nodes, and all I meant by move them was turn them which I thought you said you could do? Scouts are alien energy that appear in dreams, supposedly. I guess this would go for any weird states similar to dreaming. They act as transporters to other places like the IOBS world.

Oh ok. You meant turning. Yes, I can see how that’s confusing. I should describe them better. They feel like balloons filled with water but very solid if the gas metal is not amplified to a certain “frequency”.  I think they are something like alien energy, just my sense. The gas metal is like a lens that opens and goes faster of slower. It indeed feels like a projected (and indeed looks like) pupil, like something poking through, something visible from certain AP. They very much feel like alien presences, but that are in a transit so slow we might as well give up ever seeing or feeling any change unless we can tap into them intentionally (can only happen in dream because I feel drowsy just by trying). The rotation I mean in a way that feels more like a reverberation between them. They being like watermelons filled with water and strange stuff, they juggle only at surface level. The rotation they take up, its configuration, then guided the dream. I visit the placed that are “rotating”. Like a map

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