Bliss 8: An Interview Concerning Sorcery

This transcript is of a conversation between the CEO’s Balthazar Schlep and Lis who has been experimenting with various sorcery techniques. We do not recommend emulating Lis’ experiments at home.

Lis is italicised to differentiate the voices.

CC is Carlos Castaneda. DJ is Don Juan. AP is Assemblage point (the energetic intensity that determines what reality will be experienced). IOB is inorganic being

I think the reticulum solves my general manifestationist problem since if we make it a presupposition and not a theory the reticulum constitutes an ontological level of connectivity that is not part of philosophical debate, if we treat it as a ground zero ontological reality, rather like the Laruellian one (but better) it is not subject to theory in the same way. Yet better than the Laruellian one, it can sort of be spoken about (I understand he does something like this too though I have never got that far), because it is only hidden and not speculative.

Yes, to your first assertion. The impeccability rule is washed out in later activities and works of CC much like the metaphysics and logics of stoicism are distilled into an unifying aesthetic serving as rule-of-thumb morality. The notion of impeccability is clearly “lost” to whatever has become of it. The term might be tainted.

About the exciting stuff that yanks you out of the comfort of madness is very akin to DJ finally realizing CC needs his notebook and changing approaches, wanting him to learn to continue writing but with his fingers over the air instead in a surface of scientific recording. I think DJ understood how difficult for someone non-indigenous like himself it is to leave old habits. I always had an intuition that the finger writing in the air thing was DJ trying to make CC realize how the very fabric of reality is a recording apparatus of which his notebook is a mere imitation. Something almost Platonic (or its inverse). To get lost in the excitement of production is such a tool to record and “annotate the air”. It feels like reproduction, in some ways, while the comfort of madness feels like constantly remaining pregnant.

To get a balance of this, a really impeccable one, probably feels like “seeing”. As in seeing the leaves go orange and understanding its fall season (just like it might be time to put in a different kind of work than what we’ve been concentrating for a while). This last thing, this comfort that we get in continuing to do that thing that initially gave us a spark could be seen as what DJ calls indulging. In a way, impeccability could be also to know (via seeing) when to shift focus (which means shifting the AP back). The Julian guy was said by DJ to be a type of sorcerer that likes to go to the bottom of the pool and remain there. DJ personally was afraid of doing so.

It really just depends on the person. There are no rules. In my case, intercalating different types of work help. But I have something probably more important, which is to shut down all writing and project stuff for a period in the year and just focus on my body (working out, seeing friends), etc.

In my experience, it had to be something “useless”. Something that we know just serves the sake of itself (like meditation).

About the reticulum thing, I agree that it solves the problem. And it’s amazing how it came up from conversations like this. In trying to crack your accretive theory, we find ourselves delineating a somewhat universal definition of sorcery as not a system itself but the negativity intrinsic to any system, what conditions conversation between systems (a theory of metaphysical translation?).

“As non-philosophical rebellion is enacted, it cannot regress or belong to the philosophical tradition, but it has effects on it and for it. Laruelle notes that pure heresy is a discovery “that exceeds both philosophy and science and puts them into relations unknown to either”

“As non-philosophical rebellion is enacted, it cannot regress or belong to the philosophical tradition, but it has effects on it and for it. Laruelle notes that pure heresy is a discovery “that exceeds both philosophy and science and puts them into relations unknown to either” Isn’t this sorcery? But doesn’t sorcery itself also show how heresy is simply a reflection/residue from his quantum Christianity? To give such a name to something that has this quality of colligation (such as between science and philosophy) is almost the same as to name it “The Transgressive” all over again.

Sorcery is only heresy from the viewpoint that created particular systems in reciprocal relationship (Western institutions such as science, philosophy, and religion in the Christian sense). So while heresy is something powerful, it remains a bubble (its sphere of action is inside the field of relations between the particular institutions that produce its possibility). But heresy is NOT heresy anymore when we consider it sorcery from sorcery’s viewpoint (which creates a zone of alienation in which no institutions are allowed, rather than create an eternal struggle against an ineffable apparatus like the State in Anti-Oedipus).

If we do not operate from a scientific/religious/philosophical etc. stand-point, we cannot be heretics (but we are necessarily sorcerers).

Don’t you think something needed here is the ability to differentiate sorcery from chaos magick which is in fairness its closest competitor, I’m not saying this is too difficult but it would need doing, it is a bit of a funny one as CM person can just appropriate anything of from sorcery, totally involve themselves in it except that of course sorcery in the sense of the new seers thing pretty much entirely undercuts that, though there are some exceptions, the assemblage point, the eagle. CM of course entirely welcomes any old highly ritualized practice it just grants it no reality in itself, then there is the psychonaut community who you could argue are closer even to sorcery than CM except I think they are at least partially based in these being explorations of the mind and not necessarily a wider reality, but some of that tendency are less interested in magick and more in exploration, hence the sorcery connection, except again they are almost entirely grounded in entheogens.

I think what I have to say of this breakthrough is the chaos magick differentiator you seek. My guy, the IOB thing was way bigger than I thought.

I told you that I had sensed it as that weird ball of dark energy with a shifting opening that was light itself, and that it pulsated in the top corner of the room.

Today I noticed two things at the same time, before a third thing happened that left me flabbergasted (in a good way).

The two things I noticed first were an outburst of golden energy as if coming from the horizon, in a droning scream of bird, and the other was that the light of the IOB approached my palm and my left eye started to dilate its pupil alone, transforming the air into visible inscriptions that danced as a thick fog came from all the ways like a wall.

The air that transformed into visible inscriptions was the light coming from the IOB, and they just stayed there until I decided, by myself, to let them dance over my body. So they started to crawl over my skin and become like tattoos (tribal tattoos).

When the process was approaching a certain limit, the entire light became the moon’s (as if the ceiling of the room was erased), and I finally understood that the place the IOB was pulsating from was the placement of the moon’s orbit.

I remember a moment of pure intent when the moon asked if she could, now that my body was inscribed, inhabit it. But it did not feel like someone asking me, as in a personal force. It felt like a oneness, that I was speaking the language of the moon.

And so I just left the dance take its course and so it happens that the outbursts of bird scream and golden light I noticed all the while were screams. I quite literally cannot explain how I knew this and what happened after. It felt safe the whole time, though. Nothing like Carlitos’ scares. And I was surprised at myself for not getting scared.

So yeah, the IOB was actually the moon and I seem to have channelled her into.

Hmm proper second attention stuff.

The moon or a lunar being?

It fits with the dark and the light If the thing is brighter generally now maybe it is altering with the moon cycle.

The power you’ve tapped seems to be drawing you into a kind of shamanic world/nature. If it does alter with the moon cycle this means what you are experiencing is a deep accretion. Again I’m not being dismissive but of course the moonphase is human contingent. In a sense at least, but aeons have passed since humans accreted agency to the moon. This doesn’t deny it might have a nature of relations of other kinds, but the accretion is the kind of human interface. I mean this is madness but if we were to wonder then we could ask ‘what the fuck is the moon up to?’ So I’m thinking: Silver. Moon colour of classic antiquity, I think this might be a line. Speculative of course. Silver atomic number 47. I mean the madness of the reticulum is of course that rather like the Landian AI god. The line I’ve just drawn is now real. ‘Then this line drawn is a key’. Maybe Crowley’s lines are the reticular lines.

I don’t know if it was a moon cycle or just that right window of moment (some 10 days) the moon stayed there (here we have different lunar cycles because there’s no four seasons, just two).The moon generally stays put in a place for like two weeks before shifting to another position (not changing phases). So it’s full moon half the year. Continuously.

I thought the moon phases were the same everywhere.

I don’t know about nominal synchronicities, but I’ve always felt a strong affective pull towards the moon. It was kind of my thing for a while. It might’ve started then

I believe you in all these things, but my rational occult filters do what they do.

Oh, I’m not taking this seriously. I mean, it’s experimentally cool. I won’t go crazy or anything.


Yes, I know. I mean that here specifically in the Northern regions the cities are usually built in tbe altitudes or depressions (the area is all curved). So we live inside circuits of mounts forming like a pan around a city. The difference in moon phases in the Southern and Northern hemispheres of the globe is the same, but they’re “inverted”. However, because here North we have these different atmospheric compositions, the “side” of the moon that’s dark still gets reflected. So it appears as if there’s full moon half the year and a small, almost minuscule moon for the other half. These two influx the pressure of the depression to build up and pummel the winds covered in a thick haze. It’s when we get the “full moon”. When it settles more, in comes the dryness and so goes the moon (it remains almost invisible to the naked eye).

The fixity of it is also a matter of optical illusion. Due to the refraction of the dim light amid the gases over the depression (surrounded by mounts like a pan), during the “full moon” season we can see it better just down there in the city of specific places in the sierras

But I only relate how it felt. I was just saying it felt like the moon, not considering it rationally. That’s the experiment, right? So if anything this moon thing is linked to this, since it’s connected to the droughts (when the moon vanishes here).

I do think it’s a shamanic/world thing as you say. For sure if any tapping with the moon (even if we go by scientific rigour) or moon-adjacent thing is for an earthly “cause”. This cause does indeed feel like being called as a helper, or something of the like.

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