Postulates of Magick

Postulates of Magick

  1. A conceptual substance which we shall call Pneuma is real.
  2. Pneuma interacts with what can called a non-conceptual substance (umbra) in a manner not currently registered/understood by contemporary science.
  3. The pneuminous-umbratic relation usually reflects a solid, consistent world.
  4. The whole of experience is pneuminous.
  5. Certain acts of will can manipulate pneumious structures such that the solid consistency of the world can be altered (the umbratic is altered by the pneuminous).
  6. The appearance of these acts, which appears as ruptures in the solid-consistency worlds are, in almost all circumstances, automatically covered over by the solid-consistency of the world.
  7. This covering over is relative to differently formed solid-consistencies i.e. the influence of pneuminous forces can be accepted by the socius to a greater or lesser degree.

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