The Units of the Philosophy of Accretions 3: The Double

In accretive theory the double is the accretion, this means the double is what we actually engage with. The original to awareness is the vector field. The vector field is the pure undifferentiated hyle. The vector field is pneuminous but not accreted. Humans learn what different regions of the vector field are called e.g. mum, cat, wheelbarrow, tree. In doing so they continually attach the accretion of the vector back on to it. The vector is highlighted by the induction into the rules for the application of an accretion and when grasped the vector is doubled by the accretion. The vector must have the ability to appear as the concept (accretion) grasps it, it must in some sense be the same (though the vector contains much more potential than the accretion displays). Hence the accretion doubles the vector but appears as the origin. The double then seeks to bend the vector to its likeness.

This is the natural action of magick that takes place all the time. It is the correlate of the way in which intentional magick seeks to alter vector regions such that they will conform to the will of the operator by the application of an accretion to the vector region that would not normally house it. The double is just the application of an accretion to a situation that would normally take it. The double or accretion which is a kind of ideality of the vector region, in attaching to the vector region alters it in an imperceptible way, making it more like the ideality. The double minutely bends the vector to its likeness, making a perfect fusion. Things actually become the things we think they are by virtue of the double.

This also applies to Narps (people) though here the situation is more complicated. Judgements about others applies accretions to them. When we meet someone we double them and then apply the double onto their vector region to try to make them conform to our doubling. But other Narps are not apples or cigars, other Narps have ideas about who they are. They may perceive the double that we seek to apply to them and resist it by displaying other accretions, by trying to alter the double that we seek to apply to them. They may be successful or they may not. A Narp who cannot control the doubles that is applied to her will become subject to the power of the double that is applied to her.




  1. Manifestationism
  2. Incoherence
  3. Phantasy
  4. Pneuma
  5. Accretive theory itself
  6. Design a god.
  7. Significance/Insignificance
  8. Designation
  9. Vector theory
  10. The Umbratic
  11. The Double
  12. The zone
  13. The numbers/the system
  14. NARP


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