The Book of Numbers 4: Hyperqabalah Shape and Accretive Layers.


Recent work on the hyperqab has revealed a much more suitable shape. The below shape utilises the circuit of numbers d-f-j-s-l-w-u-p-h-n-d as a circle with the feeders connecting in from the outside. Two cones are formed by the circle connecting to a above and m below. Each number from the circuit connects to a and m. In the centre of the circle is absolute 0. All the circuit numbers form extra paths by connecting to 0, a and m also connect to 0 forming a vertical axis to the system. This forms a total of 52 paths in this instantiation of the hyperqab. We must remember that there are in fact 529 virtual paths to the hyperqab and that any instantiation is to some extent arbitrary. However this instantiation reflects the circuit well, whilst the cones form a powerful symbol of the double-world as it appears to us.


The nodes of the hyperqab are the paths of the CEO adjusted qabalah. This is the reason for the name. The whole system is moved up a kind of dimensional level. The 22 paths of the flat tree become paths in a 23 node system utilising base 23. The CEO adjusted the hermetic qabalah by utilising the gra-tree as it fitted with the 47 based circuit in base 10. It then reaccreted the names of the paths and sigilised them. This cannot remove the previous accreted layers however it does make the latest layer take control of the path accretions to some extent. Again, magick is really to root of the accretive term employed as a general philosophy herein. Accretions in this sense are literally conceptual substance stuck together: a symbol, an idea, a number, force them together with the mind until they stick and there you have it, an accretion of pneuma.

To progress we must familiarise ourselves with the nodes of the hyperqab. In doing so we will eventually be in a position to understand the paths of the hyperqab. The table given below shows the accretive layering of the hyperqab nodes as they are rooted in the CEO gra-tree paths.


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