Accretive Nodes of the Hyperqabalah 1

1 a Advent.

Advent is the first of the nodes (called Sephiroth in the base 10 Qabalah). As a path in the b10 Gra-tree it runs between 1-2 (Sirius-Dionysus). It has a notion of beginning attached to it.

Other concepts accreted to it are:

Wind, Towards, Face, The Fool (of the Tarot), Hebrew Aleph, Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, Phosphorus, Thyrotophin releasing hormone, Corticotrophin releasing hormone, Thyme, Scots Pine, Bear, Lapwing, Mass, Histidine, Histamine.

Advent sits at the top of the Hyperqab structure radiating paths down to the circuit below.

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