Accretive Nodes of the Hyperqabalah 2

2 b I-mage

I-mage is the second node of the Hyperqab. It is a feeder node. The feeder nodes connect only to the paths of the circuit. When 2n+1 is applied to them they become a circuit number, hence they are unidirectional. I-mage feeds into Artemis (d).

I-mage is constituted by the concepts of the magician, the image and how the ego is portrayed as an image of power. As a path in the Gra tree (base 10 qabalah) I-mage runs between Sirius and Nyx (1&3)

Additionally accreted concepts are: Deer, Starlings, Rainbows, Rainbow trout, Modus Tollens, Isoleucine, Somatostatin, Thyroid stimulating hormone, Thyrotropin releasing hormone, B vitamins, Biotin, Birch Trees, Hebrew Beth, Tarot: Magus.

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