Accretive Nodes of the Hyperqabalah 6

6 g Mithras

The node Mithras is a highly complex accretion. Mithras the roman god is thought to be derived from the Iranian god Mithra -a god of justice, contract and war. Mithras has been connected to Helios and Phanes thus establishing a connection to light. He is seen emerging from rock (in images) and slaughtering the white bull (the god Soma) which transforms into the moon. Both of these notions give a transformative force to the power. As representing light and connections it is a power that concerns the ontological reticulum -the fibres of light that may be the limit of human perception of the outside.

Other accretions of the node are: Hebrew: Vav, Tarot: Hierophant, Bull, Magpie, Ivy, St Johns Wort, Sycamore trees, Thistles, Velocity, Constructive dilemma (logic), Chromium, Seratonin, Growth hormone releasing hormone, Arginine, Dioscuri Twins, Twin Peaks (TV), Fire-light, Dodo.

Ivy binds, this is reminiscent of the contract attribution of the deity. Sycamore trees triangulate Lynch’s Twin Peaks by the 2 points of the sigil -also indicated by the bull. The Dodo is a curious accretion formed by the oppositional position of the node in its form as a path in the base 10 qabalah. Mithras runs 2(Dionysus)-5(Fate), whilst the opposite position 3(Nyx)-6(Will) is occupied by Isis. The separation of Isis in to is is suggest the more pragmatic do do which by the reverse motion becomes Dodo. Thus Mithras comes with warning of extinction that may accompany unrelenting action. Taking this in combination with the accretion of velocity we might also make a connection between Mithras and accelerationism.

Mithras (g) is the feeder node for Freedom (l).

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