Accretive Nodes of the Hyperqabalah 7

7 h Incest

The Incest node acknowledges the Tarotic Lovers quite heavily. This is a reference to how the Lovers of the Tarot are sometimes thought of as the sister and brother of the YHVH. It is also a reference to the incest prohibition as anthropologically/psychoanalytically speculated. Thus the power is something forbidden but something foundational is also hinted at. This foundation is suggested be Viveiros de Castros in his application of disjunctive synthesis at a primal level -it is not wife or sister exclusively but wife or sister inclusively. The node is one of connection and attraction. This applies at all levels (inorganic/organic).

The node Incest (h) is part of the circuit, with Pneumatology (p) preceding it and Foetus(n) following on from it. Like all circuit nodes, it connects upwards, across, and downwards to a (Advent), a0 (Umbratic) and m (Ethics) respectively. In the base 10 qabalah (where it is a path) it is formed between Nyx (3) and Apollo (4).

Other accretive attachments are: Hebrew: Zayin, Tarot: Lovers, Hawthorn, Luteinising hormone, Copper, Conjunction (logic), Aspartic acid, Acceleration (physics), Goldfinch, Foxglove, Faeries.

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