Accretive Nodes of the Hyperqabalah 10

k 10 Philosopher

Philosophers think. This is the dominant characteristic. The other feature is to think about intractable problems. Philosophers are possibly the best examples of beings that act as agents for ideas. All beings of awareness are agents for different powers. The case of the philosopher is special insofar as there never really any empirical criteria to alter what a philosopher is an agent for -there are instances where the intractable problem turns out to be empirically resolvable, at this point it disappears from philosophy.

The philosopher is is part of a stratified territory controlled by accretions of dead philosophers transformed into ‘isms’ and philosophies themselves that do not have dead human names attached. The main aim seems to be to join this territory whilst alive and then continue to be there when dead. A phantasy drives this, the phantasy that thought will yield the kind of certainty that will bring about the defeat of the other ontologies and hence dominance of the territory. Owing to the nature of the problems, this is a priori impossible.

k is the feeder node for u (Luna).

Other accretions attached are: Hebrew: Yod, Tarot: Hermit, Methionine, Power (physics), Vitamins C and K, Cowslip, Hazel, Squirrel.

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