Accretive Nodes of the Hyperqabalah 9

j 9 Passion

Passion is an energy accompanying something else with intensity. Passion is related to desire but not identical. A desire may be passionate but essentially any activity may be passionately done, passion may also be absent from its action but still present in the being -one is passionate about activity x but not necessarily doing it. Any being considered to be passionate about something may be considered to be an agent of that activity -as we can considered all ideas as autonomous accretive structures. Passion though is empty by itself, though it is also emptying -it drains energy from other areas of the being. Ironically Passion is not one of the feeder nodes, rather it is fed into by node r (Pan) We might note that Passion can be squashed to form Pan and that Passion and the god Pan do seem somewhat related. In the circuit itself it is preceded by f (Urlking) and followed by s (Twilight).

Other accretions attached to Passion are: Hebrew: Teth, Tarot: Lust, Geese, Reeds, Linden trees, Selenium, Energy (physics), Absorption (logic), Lysine.

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